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Tour Code Instructions for E-Tickets

United PerksPlus customers earn points when Travel Management Companies (TMCs) add the corporation’s unique Tour Code in the Tour Code field in the e-ticket. Tour Codes must be added into e-tickets at time of ticketing, and when the customer flies the segment, the points will accrue to the corporation’s Account.
Tour Code entries for the Tour Code field used by some of the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are provided below; as with any ticketing entry, it is the responsibility of the Travel Management Company to confirm with their GDS help desk that they are using the latest and most accurate entry.
Global Distribution System(GDS) Ticketing Entry in Tour Code Field
Amadeus FT*403SH
Apollo T:SBIT403SH
Sabre ǂUN*403SH
Worldspan 5-IT403SH
Tour Codes are 5-character alpha-numeric unique identifiers. The table shows an example Tour Code (403SH) and their respective ticketing entry by GDS.
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