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Your company's statements will be sent to the Authorized Representative who must be a company employee. The Authorized Representative is the only individual that is authorized to receive redeemed awards.

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Your Company’s Contact is the only additional person authorized to provide changes and to redeem points for rewards under the terms and conditions of the program. Redeemed awards will be sent to the Authorized Representative only.

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These preferences will apply to both your Authorized Representative and Company Contact.

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Please provide a PIN/Password to login and redeem United PerksPlus points. Password must contain Minimum of 8 characters with atleast 1 UpperCase Alphabet, 1 LowerCase Alphabet, 1 Number and 1 Special Character(Accepted characters: $, @, !, %, *, ?, &).   Provide your existing RewardOne PIN/Password or create a new PIN/Password below:

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